Summary of Abstract Submission

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A'an J. Wahyudi*1, M. Riza Iskandar1, Hanny Meirinawati**1, Yeti Darmayati1, Helfinalis1, M. Reza Cordova1, Indra B. Vimono1

1 Research Center for Oceanography, Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesia


The anticipated E-WIN (The Widya Nusantara Expedition) 2015 will be the Indonesian scientific contribution to the International Indian Ocean Expedition-2. This cuise expedition was conducted along the western part of Sumatera Island facing Eastern Indian Ocean. The aim of E-WIN 2015, is to reveal the oceanographic profile and potential of the Eastern Indian Ocean. The main topic of this expedition is ┐Biogeochemical processes in the Eastern Indian Ocean regulated by the Equatorial jet and Sumatran current.┐ The main aspects of this expedition included: 1) profile of physical oceanography in correlation to spatial variability in the formation of the South Java current, 2) plankton dynamics, 3) vertical distribution of particulate organic matter and primary productivity as biogeochemical processes, 4) study of nutrient flux of the area which is directly affected by ITF and (South) Sumatran Current, 5) the biogeochemical role of bacteria. The cruise has been done for 12 days (7-18 May 2015) involving 24 personel and 23 crews of RV. Baruna Jaya VIII. The cruise started from Jakarta (Nizam Zachman Ocean Fishing Port), Sunda Strait, South western waters of West Java, Eastern Indian Ocean, Enggano waters, South Pagai Island waters, and ended in Padang. Samples were collected from 26 stations. The samples including sea water, POM, plankton, benthik organism, microbes, and sediments. The expedition also obtained oceanographic data. All samples have been stored in Research Center for Oceanography for further analysis. We have target that the result will be obtained in the end of 2015.