Summary of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission No. IO50-09-0047PresentationPoster


Patricia Miloslavich*1, Nicholas Bax2, Samantha Simmons3, Ward Appeltans4, John Gunn5, Albert Fischer4, Francis Marsac6

1 Universidad Simon Bolivar/Australian Institute of Marine Science, Venezuela
2 CSIRO, Australia
3 Marine Mammal Commission, USA
4 Intergovermental Oceanographic Commission, Belgium
5 Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia
6 Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, France


The Biology and Ecosystems Panel of GOOS was established to develop and coordinate efforts in the implementation of a global ocean observation system to include essential biological and ecosystem variables (related to productivity, biodiversity, and services) to answer relevant scientific and societal questions, and support policy development and management on ocean and coastal resource sustainability and health. The Framework for Ocean Observing proposes a simple input-process-output model of implementation in which the inputs are the requirements focused on scientific and societal issues, the process is based on measuring Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs), and the outputs are the data and products that will benefit both science and society, the source of the requirements. Given the indivisible link between society and environment, the Panel will consider the DPSIR model to define these EOVs. In this model, the input is provided by the need to monitor marine biodiversity and ecosystem health driven by societal questions along with national and international obligations. The process to achieve this includes answering the questions: -what are the human pressures affecting the environment that are or will impact its biodiversity and ecosystems, -what are the existing initiatives that could be built on to measure the state of the marine environment, and -what are the priority impacts on the marine environment that need to be monitored and how well existing initiatives address them. The answers will inform the selection and development of EOVs helping guide society┐s response to identified impacts.