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Dr. Ashwini Kamble1, Dr. Kamalesh Prasad2, Dr. Ramavatar Meena3, Dr. M. R. Rathod3, Dr. Pranita Waghmare3, Dr. B C Harinath 3

1 Assistant professor dept of Biochemistry,MGIMS Sevagram, India
2 CSIR-Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, G. B Marg, Bhavnagar-364002 (Gujarat), India
3 , India


Marine environment represents a huge source of unseen bioactive and functional components which need to be explored for their potential in medical applications. Numerous marine-based compounds have been identified as having diverse biological activities with some reported to interfere with the pathogenesis of diseases. US patented Salicornia Brachiata, marine halophyte, for its anti-tubercular activity. Extracts of Salicornia Brachiata have been collected by Central salt and marine chemical research, Bhavnagar, Gujarat. In our study , we are also using extracts provided by Central salt and marine chemical research, Bhavnagar, for screening of their antimycobacterial potential. SEVA TB ELISA is an in-house developed immunodiagnostic assay used routinely for screening of suspected cases of tuberculosis both pulmonary and extra-pulmonary. The assay is based on the antigen and antibody reaction. In our laboratory, SEVATB ES 31 antigen, a mycobacterial secretory serine protease, was isolated from culture filtrate of M.tb.H37Ra.ES 31 antigen was reported to be a drug target in axenic and macrophage cultures and is sensitive to anti TB drug Isoniazide. The principle used here for preliminary screening of antimycobacterial potential of marine algal extract is by inhibition of antigenic reactivity shown by algal extracts to ES 31 antigen using Isoniazid as a standard inhibitor. A preliminary screening study, using this ES31 antigen, was performed with SEVA TB ELISA for determining the anti-tubercular potential of algal marine samples. In this study Isoniazid was used as standard inhibitor. Out of 33 samples of marine algal extract, 14(42.4%) samples showed inhibition ranging from 40-50 % whereas 2 samples (6.3%) showed inhibition equal to or more than that of Isoniazid. Although quick screening result of marine samples by ELISA did show anti TB potential but deeper approach i.e. a cell culture is required for more specificity and sensitivity regarding anti-tubercular activity of algal marine samples. All aspects, including chemical composition, biotechnology, extraction, bioactivity, and its toxicity, if any clearly warrants further exploration to effectively transfer the research into a practical field. Key words: secretory serine protease, drug target, ELISA,TB inhibitor