Summary of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission No. IO50-06-0028PresentationPoster


Jesbin George*1

1 National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India


The Low Level Jet(LLJ), a vital component of Indian Monsoon, has been subjected to many studies in the past decades. Present study examines the interannual variability of LLJ and remote influences on the LLJ during 1979-2014. A Jet index has been computed over the Arabian sea (5s:5n;50e:70e) at 850 hpa level and are regressed with Geopotential height anomalies and SST anomalies respectively to understand how they are statistically related. Equatorial Pacific SST effects has been removed from each variable and are again regressed with the LLJ to remove the ENSO influence. Results shows a maximum variability during May-June-July (MJJ) with a positive trend. Influence of Southern annular mode during January-February-March(JFM) on the evolution of LLJ during MJJ is observed. it is also observed that strong covariability exists between the LLJ and the SST over the northwest Pacific region . Both correlations suggest the influence of Northwest Pacific SST and SAM either independently or in unison.