Summary of Abstract Submission

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MD Bharathi*1, S. Sundaramoorthy 1, Sivaji Patra 1, P. Madeswaran1

1 Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management Project Directorate, India


Systematic investigation was carried out at Pondicherry coastal waters to understand the impact of monsoonal and anthropogenic influences on the water quality parameters (physical, chemical and biological). Seasonal Sampling (Post-monsoon, summer, pre-monsoon and monsoon) was performed at 3 fixed stations over a period of one year (2011). Salinity and Total Suspended Matter (TSM) showed strong seasonal variations among stations and, evaporation and monsoonal run off seem to be a major controlling force for these parameters in the coastal waters. The seasonal distribution of nutrients indicating a random pattern for nitrate (NO3-) and, well-defined pattern for phosphate (PO4-) and silicate (SiO4-) with not significant spatial variability. Phytoplankton biomass as chlorophyll-a concentrations were observed minimum during monsoon season, where as high TSM concentration was encountered in the system. Moreover, the factors that regulated the phytoplankton biomass varied with seasons. Correlation matrix was used to investigate the relations between analyzed variables and to characterize, from a seasonal point of view, the coastal waters in relation to each variable. TSM was strongly linked to the silicate and total nitrogen concentration (p < 0.05). The relationship between chlorophyll-a and nutrients (p < 0.05) were more consistent over the year and correlations were much weaker than encountered for TSM. During the seasons when there was no significant input of TSM, grazers and nutrients limited the phytoplankton biomass. Also such information been depicted through cluster analysis of a well marke