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1 geological survey of india, India


IMPACTS OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES ON COASTAL ENVIRONMENT By C.V. Gopalan, Senior Geologist, Geological survey of India Email- Coastal ecosystems are very vulnerable to artificial disturbances and affects the the natural stability which cause adverse consequences. There are currently one billion in the coastal urban areas and 50% of word┐s coasts are threatened by developmental related activities. The main threat to coastal environment by man made activities include (a) construction of buildings (b) construction of sea wall (c) Encroachment of coast by settlement. (d) ship wreck (e) Excessive usage of groundwater along coast which leads to saline water intrusion (f) construction of port/ harbour & (g) tourist activity. Construction activities like hotels, resorts, flats etc. on the coast leads to environmental pollution and also blocks the re-charge of groundwater along coastal areas. Construction of sea wall at coast disturbs the natural flow of waves and leads to sediment influx at the nearshore area. Encroachment of settlement on beaches destroys the natural structures on beaches like berms, sand bars etc. and also the heavy mineral deposits. The ship wreck activities (Gujarat coast) on coast liberates highly polluted heavy metals to coast and sea water which are very harmful to man and organisms. The over usage of ground water during summer along the coast leads to sudden drop in groundwater level and causes saline water intrusion into the coastal aquifers and the entire water will be polluted. Construction of port & harbour along the coast leads to the destruction of wave dynamics at coast and also accumulation of sediments and also environmental pollution. The tourist activities causes disturbance of natural stability of beaches and also causes pollution due to wastages. The intense pressure on coastal ecosystems calls for preventive and protective action at all levels- local, national, regional & global. Integrated coastal management is increasingly being recognized as an effective method for managing and protecting marine & coastal environments.